Hey Sinners

Seddon might have changed a lot over recent years, but the good old-fashioned service with a smile that locals have come to love about Seddon Deadly Sins, remains just the same.

Started in 2003 by Simon and Chris, the pair couldn’t be gladder to have stumbled across such a special little pocket of inner city in Melbourne all those years ago.

“It’s a great little neighbourhood, everyone knows everyone here. I came from a little country town called Wagga Wagga, and my parents were really involved in the community there. I wanted to recreate that sense in an urban environment.” Says Chris,

Simon on the other hand, started working in hospitality at age 15 in Toronto working his way through the local fine dining scene, bringing along with him to Australia a sense of ‘grace under pressure’- according to The Whitlam’s.

After 18 years and the challenges of covid Simon decided to take a big break and has left the business. Chris will carry on with the same attention to detail and the enthusiasm that they both started with.

Chris Gooden - Seddon Deadly Sins

Seddon Deadly Sins re-opened their doors and their arms to seated patrons in late 2021, after a period that despite all only strengthened the cafes connection with the local Seddon community.

More than just a café, dining at Seddon Deadly Sins remains a Seddonistic affair, offering up delicious food, quality coffee and a range of to die for cakes and sweets.

Life is short, indulge a little. xx

Coffee & Cake

Cake selection changing daily.

Give us a call on 9689 3092 to enquire and order your coffee at the same time.

Seddon Deadly Sins

148 Victoria Street
Seddon, VIC 3011
03 9689 3092

Great service and food. Such a welcoming feel about this place. My fvourite cafe.

Susan Hemmingway

Incredible food, coffee and wifi as well – love this place.
Creative cuisine.

Helen Symonds

Great coffee, kind and quick service and reasonable prices too.

Jarod Comans